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What is Buffers ?
Different CCPM buffers

Buffers are allowances for common-cause variation in performance and uncertainty in estimates. They aggregate the allowance for variation to a smaller total under the control of the project manager.

What is the project buffer?

The Project Buffer is the buffer at the end of the Critical Chain. It determines the project completion date, and is the tool used by management and resources to make certain project decisions. Size the Project Buffer based on the tasks in the feeding chain. The buffer size is the sum of a buffer for bias plus a buffer for variation.

What are feeding buffers?

Feeding buffers are time buffers placed in project chains (paths) that tie in to the critical chain. Their purpose is to help insure that the successor task on the critical chain has all of its inputs with about a 50% probability. Size the feeding buffers based on the tasks in the feeding chain. The buffer size is the sum of a buffer for bias plus a buffer for variation.

What is the resource buffer?

The resource buffer is a flag to alert resources planned to work on the Critical Chain that their task is coming up to be worked on. It is necessary to prevent excessive queuing for resources working on tasks on the critical chain. Usually a prioritized task by resource substitutes for this funciton.

What is the capacity constraint buffer?

The capacity constraint buffer is a buffer used in the drum schedule to buffer the use of the drum resource in one project to its use in the next project. The net result of the capacity constraint buffer is to sequence the start of projects, rather than start them all at once.

What is the drum buffer?

The drum buffer is only used in multi-project implementations. Its purpose is to exploit the early availability of the drum resource by assuring all of the input tasks are complete if the drum resource completes its task in the predecessor project early. Rarely used.

What is the cost buffer?

The cost buffer is the necessary cost allowance to cover use of the project and feeding buffers. You can size the cost buffer considering all of the tasks in the project.

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What is road-runner behaviour ?

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